Nothing describes home and family better than food. Each Israeli held captive by Hamas is a whole world, with family and friends waiting for them. With hobbies and dreams, and their favorite cookie.

In preparation for Purim and with the mitzvah of Mishloach Manot, we wanted to ensure that every home remembers that they are still there, and that everyone knows their names, faces, and stories. Not just the stories that happened to them against their will, but who they really are—what they like to do, their unique personalities, and of their families waiting for them at home.

By making their favorite cookie and sending it, along with their personal story to your friends and family, we will spread their light and their story further.

This also aims to serve as a stark reminder that there are those today who cannot celebrate. While we make noise at the mention of Haman’s name, there are those who sit right in front of him, waiting to return home.

We encourage you to join this meaningful  project and include their stories and favorite cookies, along with a prayer for their immediate return. Spread who they are in the most personal and positive way possible and help the families in the fight for their return.

from our hearts

Every year, in preparation for Purim, our house turns into a small cookie factory. Mishloach Manot of heart-baked cookies, especially for friends and loved ones.

This year, it is hard to imagine the holiday celebrations when so many families are divided, and our brothers and sisters are in dark tunnels. That’s why we wish to spread their story through the cookies we will make – the cookies they like the most.

Understanding that there are dozens of stories, and we will not be able to give a platform to everyone in our family’s Mishloach Manot alone, we created the Tastes Like Home project, with the aim of sharing this mitzvah with all of you, so that every Mishloach Manot will include a small part of our loved ones who are still in captivity, and we will all get to know the people That we pray for every day, a little better.

We wish to be able to give each of them a Mishloach Manot with their favorite cookie, very soon.

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This project would not have been possible without the mobilization and volunteering of many people.

First and foremost, thank you to the families who allow us to tell the story of their loved ones and who shared their family recipes with us.

Additionally, thank you to the incredible bloggers and influencers who donated their time and helped us prepare the recipes, photographs, and market the project.

Sarit Novak


Dafna Oster Michael


Revital Uziel


Adi Shilon


Raheli Krut


Sharon Heinrich


Dorit Mano-Tal-or


Chen Shukrun


Livnat Gotliv


Inbal Lavie Aharon


Danon Culinary Center


Yaniv Tamari


Yuval Segev


Efrat Siatchi


Natalie Levin


Shani Kidar


Israel Food Channel


Ayelet Zehavi


Noa Einat


Keren Agam


Eyal Ravah


The companies and volunteers who assisted us in creating the system and turning the project into reality.

Ben Uri Studio

Drakonit font donation

Zing Media

Project founders

Daniela Fubini

English translations

Rachel Smith Savaya

English translations

Livia Levine

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