Eitan and Iair Horn’s Alfajores cookies


250 grams of soft butter
250 grams of powdered sugar
3 egg yolks
300 grams of cornflour
200 grams of flour
2 flat teaspoons baking powder
Half a teaspoon of baking soda
Grated lemon to taste
dulce de leche to fill
coconut to coat


Prepare the dough: process butter and powdered sugar in a mixer with a flat beater hook until you get a smooth and airy mixture. Add egg yolks one by one and mix until the mixture is uniform.

Sift together the rest of the ingredients, add to the mixture, combine only until combined and form a ball. Put in the fridge for an hour or two to cool down – so that the dough will be easier to work with.

Heat the oven to 160 degrees C (320 F).

Transfer the dough to baking paper and roll the dough into a sheet 1/2 cm thick and cut into circles with a diameter of 3-4 cm.

Place evenly on a baking sheet lined with baking paper and bake for 10 minutes, until the cookies begin to turn golden on the edges and still light in the center. Cool completely.

Fill the cookies: spread a teaspoon of dulce de leche on half of the cookies.

Attach an empty cookie to them, to create an alfajores cookie sandwich. Press the cookies a little, so that the dulce de leche peeks out from the edges.

Roll the cookies in coconut.

Recipe courtesy of the family

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Eitan (37) and Iair (45) Horn

Iair, a radio broadcaster who loves life, is known for his sharp sense of humor. He works in renovations and construction in Kibbutz Nir Oz where he lives. Iair is considered an involved resident in the kibbutz community - he organizes parties, runs holiday activities and is in charge of the local pub.

Eitan was born in Argentina and immigrated to Israel as part of the "Naala" program. A beloved person who leaves a mark on everyone who meets him. He is involved in informal education, and works with Israeli delegations and youth movements.

Iair and Eitan Horn are a pair of Argentinian brothers with huge hearts and rolling laughs. Although they immigrated to Israel more than 20 years ago, there are foods and customs that they brought here with them and are still a part of them today. One of those foods is the famous alfajores cookies.

On October 7, Eitan came to visit Iair at the kibbutz. The brothers were listed as missing for 49 days until the family was informed that they had been kidnapped and were alive.

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